Pedag Merino Wool Winterzool Magic Step

Merino wool

Pedag Merino Magic Step Winter inlegzolen

The warm PEDAG MERINO MAGIC STEP merino wool insole with Memory Foam that adapts individually to your feet. It does not matter if you go to work or take a walk through the city in the winter - tired and cold feet are always very unpleasant. The Memory Foam insole with merino sheep wool, PEDAG MERINO MAGIC STEP, spoils your feet with heavenly soft comfort and keeps your feet comfortably warm - even on cold winter days.

The merino insoles with Memory Foam that adapts to the shape of your feet. You will immediately experience the comfort of the insole. The foam absorbs the shocks of your steps and illuminates your feet - thus protecting your spine and joints.

The surface of our Memory Foam insole is made of pure merino sheep wool. It guarantees heavenly warm feet and is incredibly comfortable to wear - for warm feet even in winter.
Experience a dreamy gentle walking sensation - every day. With the Memory Foam merino insole PEDAG MERINO MAGIC STEP.