Viva Summer barefeet insoles

.relieves the arch of the foot
Cushions the splayfoot
cushions the heel
Silver ions fight foot odour
airy, fresh and absorbent
hand washable
Viva Summer blote voeten, inlegzool schoenzool
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Inlegzool schoenmaat
Inlegzool schoenmaat
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Viva Summer wellness barefeet insoles

On this vegan barefoot foot support you will walk through the summer like on air.

Summer and sun make you feel easy and relaxed? But tired and sweaty feet that often come up in the sunny season are not that relaxing. With our fresh foot support pedag VIVA® SUMMER you won't have to worry about that anymore. It makes your feet feel just as easy and relaxed as you do - even without wearing socks.

Feel free to take off your shoes and enjoy walking along a river or over a lawn – the foot support is washable. Not even on long working days is there a need to wear socks or tights – with the foot support pedag VIVA® SUMMER. The anatomically shaped insole supports your feet and the heel cushion absorbs the impact shock. pedag VIVA® SUMMER relieves your heels, joints, hip, spine and neck. The metatarsal pad helps you prevent fallen arches and splayfeet. pedag VIVA® SUMMER also supports the longitudinal arch of your foot and alleviates symptoms of fatigue and tiredness.

pedag VIVA® SUMMER is equipped with an absorbent high-quality terry cloth surface to make your feet feel great without socks. Our innovative Trevira bioactive fibre with silver quickly absorbs all moisture inside the shoe. With this foot support, you’re well prepared for the next summer and barefoot season.