Silver Shoelaces

Silver shoelaces are uncommon and upgrade your sneakers or classic shoes with a fabulous bright look

Whether you want to change your current shoelaces because they are worn out. or just not satisfying you. Allesvoorjeschoenen sells all possible kinds of shoe laces in all colors and sizes. With your purchase you support an orphanage in Uganda

Customize your shoes with a shoelace with another color, design or length. Identify your personality with your shoelaces

In this category we have a broad variety of shoelaces in your chosen color. Depending on your shoes, we have different lengths and species. If your choise is not available, please send us an e-mail

Silver Shoelaces

Flatties Flat shoelace 51 x 0.39 inch Silver

Flat shoelace 51 inch Silver

Sales price: 4,75 €
Sales price: 4,09 €

Flatties Metal tips Flat shoelace with metal tip 51 inch x 0.39 inch White Silver

Mr.Lacy Flatties Metal tips Flat shoelace with metal tip ...

Sales price: 4,09 €

8 mm x 120 cm Plat Zilvergrijs - Veter Medium Flat 100% katoen

1 paar 8mm schoenveters plat 100% katoen

Sales price: 2,99 €
Sales price: 3,23 €

5.5mm x 90cm Flat shoelace black silver party 60_9932

Speciale Party Veter Zwart met zilveren ...

Sales price: 3,50 €
Sales price: 3,23 €

5.5mm x 90cm Shiny Flat shoelace white silver 60_9933

Speciale Party Veter Wit met zilveren ...

Sales price: 3,50 €

5.5mm x 90cm Flat shoelace grey silver 60_9935

Speciale Party Veter Grijs met zilveren ...

Sales price: 3,50 €

8 stuks Zilverkleurige Shoeps veters Shoeps

Shoeps standaard, 8 veters voor kinderschoenen Zwart

Sales price: 5,37 €

Silver Shoeps Regular 14 Schoenveters

14 Zwarte Shoeps veters maat regular voor kinderschoenen

Sales price: 9,25 €

Silver Zilveren Shoeps XL 8 stuks Schoenveters

8 stuks Shoeps XL veters Zilverkleurig

Sales price: 5,99 €

LIMITED EDITION SHOEPS 14 Wit met Zilver metaal

14 stuks Fuchsia Shoeps basix 5.5cm

Sales price: 16,94 €
Sales price: 6,89 €
Sales price: 7,58 €

Pink satin shoelaces 120cm Rosé

Satin Shoelaces 15mm

Sales price: 6,59 €