Pedag Perfect Leather heel pad

Genuine Leather
Vegetable tanned
Bama Classic lederen hiel hak ondersteuning inlegzool
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Inlegzool schoenmaat

Pedag 133 Perfect Leather heel pad

The best luck with aching heels?

When an extra soft heel pad gently cushions the strained heel and relieves the foot. pedag Perfect made of genuine leather does just that!

  • cushions the heel
  • relieves the joints
  • extra-soft
  • cushioning latex
  • vegetable tanned sheepskin (brown)
  • When walking and standing, our heels do the hardest work. They absorb our body weight when we walk and respond to overexertion with pain and burning. The extra soft heel cushion made of breathable, vegetable tanned leather (brown version) and latex supports the heels in their daily work.

    The soft latex cushions the heel and absorbs the impact. This relieves not only the heel, but also the entire foot, knee and hip joints. Especially for shoes with hard heels, a heel cushion brings a certain extra comfort into the shoe as if by magic.

    The non-slip leather heel cushion pedag Perfect - for relaxed heels