Pedag Girl leather slip stopper insoles

Genuine Leather
Vegetable tanned

Pedag 132 Girl anti slip insole

The leather slip stopper prevents annoying back and forth slipping in the shoe,

cushions slightly and provides better support in shoes with high heels.

  • prevents slipping in the shoe
  • gives the foot more support
  • lightly cushioning
  • for pumps and mules
  • vegetable tanned leather (brown)

Pumps, mules and other women's shoes with high heels often have fine, very smooth insoles. If a woman then slips into the shoe with fine stockings, her feet often slide back and forth, secure support is missing.

The self-adhesive slip stopper made of vegetable tanned leather (brown version) prevents slipping in pumps & co. Simply loosen the foil and stick it in the front of the shoe - and the hold is there.