Mr.Lacy, schoenveters
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About Mr.Lacy

Mr.Lacy lives, breathes and loves color.
Mr.Lacy believes in a world that unites and connects people who share a common interest in shoe laces. He is a creative and an innovative individual who believes that positivity brings along many chances and opportunities in life. The well balanced mix of his colorful and recognizable appearance in combination with his free spirited vision makes Mr.Lacy an inspiration who has a passion in life. His looks are always original and matching, he is sharp, clean, forward thinking but most of all Mr.Lacy is all about having fun. He loves to share his innovative ideas with everyone who likes to hear it and is dedicated to be a true friend. Mr.Lacy cares about having a high quality and genuine life that is full of fun and laughter. Mr.Lacy is at his best when he is in a harmonious, friendly environment surrounded by people who understand ‘the Mr.Lacy way of life’.

Mr.Lacy cares about a green and healthy planet, he loves to be around animals living in the ocean, walking around on land and flying in the sky. Mr.Lacy believes in a world that is filled with peace and happiness. He is known for his considerate, fair and cordial personality. One can safely say that Mr.Lacy – with his charming, colorful and loving character – attracts millions of people around the globe Together.

Let’s make the world a happier and better place.