Shoe Insoles

Good support of the feet with the correct insole is important. We offer a broad assorment for all foot types.

Gopherit is a total supplier of insoles worldwide. We offer a complete range with soles for all types of feet, shoes and wishes.

Pedag has been the expert in insoles since 1955. The VIVA range from Pedag is made by hand from high-quality materials such as vegetable tanned cow leather.

In addition to the pediatric insoles, you can also contact us for Solos and the connected insoles of Digitsole.

Shoe Insoles

Sales price: 6,45 €

pedag Worker insoles

Outdoor walking working

Sales price: 16,89 €
Sales price: 2,88 €
Sales price: 2,88 €

Thermopad back warmer

12 hours active

Sales price: 3,33 €

Viva Summer barefeet insoles

.relieves the arch of the foot Cushions the ...

Sales price: 14,49 €