Blue Black Zebra shoelaces Printies Flat printed shoelace 51 inch x 0.39 inch

Mr.Lacy original shoelaces Neon Lime Yellow Zebra
MrLacy Printies patroon schoenveters Zebra Blauw Zwart
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Zebra blauw zwart

Mr.Lacy Printies long colored shoelaces of 51 inches long and 0.39 inch wide for high top and mid top sneakers. Laces for shoes with 5 tot 7 sets of rings or eyes Zebra Neon Lime Yellow camouflage

Mr.Lacy takes pride in producing high quality shoelaces, made from the fines materials available. the premium fibers used for these laces will remain colorfast. Mr.Lacy laces are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes


The printies are classic flat 10mm shoelaces, but have been upgraded with a wide variety of patterns and graphics, adding a personal touch to your favorite pair of shoes


Units in box: 2