Gold nestel black flat shoelaces - 130cm / 51 inch - Mr.Lacy

Mr.Lacy Flatties Metal tips Flat shoelace with metal tip 0.39 inch wide 51 inch long Black Gold The classic flat 10mm shoelaces upgraded with a high quality metal tip. This will give a premium look to your shoes.
MrLacy Flatties veters met metalen Nestels - 130cm Zwart / Goud
Mr.Lacy Flatties Metalic Tip Black Gold Zwart Goud metalen nestel
MrLacy Flatties schoenveters met metalen Nestels - 130cm Zwart / Goud
MrLacy Flatties schoenveter met metalen Nestels - 130cm Zwart / Goud
Description Mr.Lacy Flatties Metal tips long colored shoelaces of 51 inches long and 0.39 inch wide for high top and mid top sneakers. Laces for shoes with 5 tot 7 sets of rings or eyes Zwart Goud

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