The Shoelace Specialist

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The Shoelace Specialist

Jolanda and René Nieuwenkamp started a business in 2008. Based on our principles, Go For It, in combination with the funny gopher animal in our favorite country, Spain, our brand name Gopherit was born.

In 2009 we went to Africa, Uganda, for the first time, visiting an orphanage. In 2010 we started an NGO called Bulamu, with the purpose to help the needy people in Uganda to get a push towards a better life (based on the charter issues of the United Nations)

After a 7 months sabattical in Uganda, we are back in the Netherlands again, where we started selling shoelaces. Shoelaces, that were nowhere to be found anymore in local shops. Shoelaces in all kinds of colors, for all kind of sports and purposes, in all kind of forms and colors.

In 2017 we expanded our online shop to the selling portal of bol and in 2018 we expanded to worldwide sales via Amazon

The shoelace shop is ready to help you in your quest to find your brandnew shoelaces, for classic shoes, sneakers, snowboots and skates. With your purchase you are helping the poor as well, our profit is completely sent to the NGO Stichting Bulamu. We thank you for your helping hand and wish to support you in your needs. Welcome in our shop, stay a while and spread the words

Jolanda and René NIeuwenkamp - Shoelace specialists colored and printed Mr.Lacy sneaker shoelaces