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The Shoelace Specialist -

Jolanda Nieuwenkamp established a business, named Gopherit, in 2008. Our house became quiet when our children flew out. Time for a change from housewife to businesswoman.

The name "Gopherit" is based on our principle: "Go For It". We are entousiastic travellers, flexible initiators, passionate positivists and always looking for new initiatives. The basis of our brand name "Gopherit were found in the Spanish Pyrenees, the roots of the Gopher, combined with the IT branch, in which we started selling our first products.

In 2009 Jolanda went to Africa, Uganda, for the first time, visiting an orphanage. Another huge change of our lifes. The African rhythm stroke her heart and Uganda became a new place of interest. After another trip to the pearl of Africa, Jolanda took her husband and her youngest son to the place she wanted to show them so much. This opportunity led to a new vision, mission and even a total strategy, laid down in the foundation of a NGO, called Stichting Bulamu. In 2010 René and Jolanda took the intiative to start helping needy children, orphans and local projects, out of our richness to give a push towards better lifes (based on the charter issues of the United Nations)

In 2013 we lived in Kampala. After a 7 months sabattical in Uganda, we returned to the Netherlands, where we started selling shoelaces, a niche market. Shoelaces, that were nowhere to be found anymore in local shops. Shoelaces in all kinds of colors, for all kind of sports and purposes, in all kind of forms and colors. Shoestrings from well known brands like "van Bommel", sneaker brand "MrLacy" and silicone "Shoeps", together with classic German and Italian fashion brands.

In 2017 we expanded towards the total shoecare assortment, including shoeshine and insoles. Our online shop was improved by selling at the portal of and in 2018 we expanded to worldwide sales via Amazon and Ebay. Thousands of people already changed their original laces by quality laces bought at The Shoelace Specialist

The is ready to help you in your quest to find your brandnew shoelaces, for classic shoes, sneakers, snowboots and skates. With your purchase you are helping the poor as well, our profit is completely used for projects @ the NGO Stichting Bulamu. We thank you for your helping hand and wish to support you in your needs. Welcome in our shop, stay a while and spread the words.

Fresh from the Press
New businesses ahead. In 2018 Gopherit starts helping farmers in Uganda as well. Fair Trade Coffee business is started with a brand new fresh website
We say Hi to you with a healthy strong cup of coffee whilst you are thinking about your future. We'll see you there as well.

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