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Gopherit allesvoorjeschoenen long colorfull shoelacesFarewell to historical crafts. In 2008 Gopherit made a decision. We accepted that digital shops are unstoppable. Crafts and brands stopped their local shop activities and changed to internet shops. In our home town shops were replaced by family houses; niche markets vanished. After buying a pair of shoes, new and different colored shoelaces were nowhere to be found. Shops are packed with stylish sneakers and lack of commodities like laces and cleaning material. A new idea rose. Starting an online sneaker shoelace shop is our next- level step

In 2008 Jolanda Nieuwenkamp decided to change her activities. Our children were leaving the house and the demand of doing something different rose, resulting in registering a company and starting a new hobby. Gopherit, a combination of a Spanish Gopher (sign of freedom) and the IT business, the phonetically Go For It, was born


Aid Change - Children's Rights & Emergency Relief Activities

At the end of 2009 another challenge rose. The life of René and Jolanda Nieuwenkamp was changed into a new direction. After visiting an orphanage in Uganda, the profit of Gopherit were mainly used to perform foundation activities. This led to raising a foundation called ”Stichting Bulamu” . In 2010 the government of the Netherlands offered the ANBI status to Stichting Bulamu. Stichting Bulamu is registered in Rotterdam, Holland and Kampala, Uganda

If you want to change the world, start with yourself

Gopherit allesvoorjeschoenen supports orphans and needy in Uganda From 2009 up to 2013 Jolanda and René visited Uganda 10 times, followed by a Sabattical leave to live in Kampala for 7 months in 2013. This long stay was used mainly for setting up and continuation of projects, coaching students, starting Small Businesses and managing an orphanage and a primary school.

Back in the Netherlands, the change-over to settle and restart living in a Western way needed more than a year and finally we are ready to pick up business again. Business in new shoes. Old shoes are thrown away and in cooperation with Mr.Lacy and Refreshed we start selling shoe accessories like shoelaces, shoe polish and sneaker ware. The sneaker market is hot, powerfull, expensive, colorfull, bright and sparkling. Ans so are we. Ready and proud to present to you - your sneaker update. ReLace your sneakers and hit the road

Mr.Lacy sneakers are available in many different colors, a large variety in prints and lengths, robust or reflective, water resistant or with special hikers grip. Named after their main target. Runnies for running, athletics and marathon activities. Goalies for football, baseball and rugby sports. Snowies long laces for Ski, Snowboard and winter sports. Hikies for long endurance walking hikes. Printies for school and social sneaker events and Glow in the Dark laces for that special safe and vibrant difference.

Sizes are long and visible in the standard names. ”Smallies” , ”Skinnies” , ”Flatties” , ”Roundies” , ”Waxies” , ”Cowies” , ”Runnies” , ”Flexies” ; for each shoe multiple different laces available. Low prices, fast delivery, satisfaction guaranteed, 30 day return policy, full money back guarantee. colored and printed Mr.Lacy sneaker shoelaces Support an orphan – walk new laces

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