Size 38 / 39 Pedag Performance Allround stabilising sport insoles

Allround Sport Insoles 38 / 39
Pedag Performance Allround Sport inleg schoenzool
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Inlegzool schoenmaat
Inlegzool schoenmaat

Pedag Performance unisex sport Insoles - size  38 / 39 

The stabilising training foot support with extra-high shock absorption.

No matter if playing basketball, running, Nordic walking or practising aerobics: pedag PERFORMANCE is the perfect support for your workout. The flexible foam cushion has optimum shock absorbing properties. The cushions in the heel and forefoot area reduce the impact energy born by the foot relieving your ankles, knees and hips as well as the lumbar and cervical spine. The lateral support and the heel cup hold, stabilise and balance the foot.

The surface of pedag PERFORMANCE is made of hard-wearing high-tech fibre that transfers the moisture away from the foot. In addition, the insole is perforated to optimally ventilate the shoe.

The result: an ultra-thin, hand-washable sports insole for almost every athletic shoe. Just replace the factory insole with pedag PERFORMANCE.

pedag PERFORMANCE – for optimal performance in your workout.

Comfort 5/5 - Hygiene 4/5 - Clima Control 3/5